Redemption Tickets, Prize Shop Software, Ticket Eaters, Coin Cups


Redemption tickets

We can supply our generic design of double-sided barcoded tickets for lower use customers. If you require more than 2,000,000 tickets we are able to print your own design on both sides just for you. See our special offer for new customers and price promise by clicking here.

Contact us for pricing or free samples of our tickets so you can actually see the quality.

  • High resolution print quality
  • 2000- or 3000-ticket books available
  • Barcoded and sequentially numbered for security
  • Choice of generic stock designs
  • High quality, low dust paper
  • Industry standard size


FREE Prize shop software:-

Our FREE prize shop software allows the operator to scan a receipt printed by one of your ticket eaters and it will record that ticket as used; if for any reason the tickets you throw away get into the wrong hands the system will inform you the ticket has already been used. If the receipt is valid and from your site the points will be added up automatically by the software, as a prize is given points can simply be deducted. Any remaining points can be printed out as a new receipt and given back to the customer for use another time. Simple reports are available in the software that allow you to keep track of how many prize points have been scanned in and out.

We developed this software with care and our mission was to make it very simple to use.

Contact us for more information or for a demo version of the software to try.


Ticket monster

Look out, look out, there's a Ticket Monster about!

The Ticket monster has proven itself to be one of the best ticket counting machines on the market. One of our customers actually took six ticket monsters and built them into the largest ticket eater we know of. Some of our machines have now cut over 80,000,000 tickets and they are still using the original cutting blades.


  • Proven reliability
  • High speed counting
  • High accuracy and intelligent security through hardware and software
  • 19" High definition LED Monitor
  • Customisable animations for your company
  • Easy to set up and test
  • Records transactions and keeps accounts of tickets counted 
  • Program up to eight different barcodes/ticket values
  • Prints your own text on the receipt for easy visual recognition
  • Use with our prize shop software to create a high security system
  • 2mm steel powder-coated cabinet
  • Simple to maintain
  • Top

    Coin pots:-

    We can supply low-cost, clear, 300cc coin cups that can be used multiple times. This size of cup easily holds one pound's worth of two pence coins with enough room for many more. Most of our arcade customers fill the coin pots and stack them in the change box ready for a speedy exchange.

    For more information on our coin pots or if you would like your own design printing please contact us.


    Special offer, price promise and additional information:-

    We are that confident our tickets are of the highest quality we would be happy to supply you with samples. If you are a high use customer contact us for more information or to give you a quote.

    If you are currently using redemption tickets we will match or beat your current price. Use the contact us link at the top and tell us what your requirements are and we will get back to you!

    If you can't store your tickets we may be able to help out, as we have so many shipments of tickets coming all the time we can spread out your order over several months to help keep your costs down.

    Would you like your own logo or design on the tickets or coin cups? Don't have anyone to design them for you? Give us a call and we will create your design for free! If you would like to create your own design that's fine but it's best to ask us about anything you should take into account.

    If you are part of a group where some sites use a few tickets and others use a lot but you want different designs, let us know and we will quote your order as a whole rather than as individual sites.

    We have designed all the equipment and software here in the UK. If you have a problem or question give us a call and for once you will actually speak to the designer or software engineer directly to get things sorted fast.




    Minimum ticket order for stock ticket designs are 100,000 for 2000-ticket books or 150,000 for 3000-ticket books. Our 3000-ticket books are about 30mm taller than a 2000-ticket book as we refuse to make the paper they are printed on too thin.

    Any new order placed must be given with a 50% deposit and balance paid in full when we ship your order. Customer accounts must be applied for in advance and are subject to our approval.

    Our price promise only applies to tickets of a comparable standard and proof of purchase price may be required.